A salve is a ointment or balm used to promote healing.  

At Prairie Moon our salves are filled with oils we make from wildcrafted flowers and herbs.  We use organic cold pressed olive oil for our fragrant creations.  We source local beeswax and other ingredients when needed.  

We will be adding more salves as we create them so stay tuned !

Herbal Oils

We make our own herbal infused oils with organic cold pressed olive oil and let the sun take care of the magic by solar infusing.  Our oils are a 1:4 ratio unless otherwise stated. 


Our oils are for topical use only, 

We will be adding more herbal oils as we harvest them.  



Bath & Body - Self Care

Self care is so important for well being that we have shared with you some of the luxuries we enjoy on a daily basis.  Aromatic and soothing creations to help you get through any day.

Custom Formulation
Don't see what you are looking for?  At Prairie Moon we can create an application more suited to your needs.  A topical or room spray, nasal inhaler or diffuser blend.  Want something completely different? Send us a message and we will see how we can assist you in creating a product that works for you.  Prices vary.  Minimum order may be required.



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