Honey Lip Love

Previously known as Honey Lip Healer, This luxurious balm is made with three simple ingredients.  Local beeswax, local honey and jojoba oil.  Smooth and silky lips are here to stay with this effective creation.  This silky balm can also be used as a mild antiseptic due to honey's natural antiseptic and antibacterial qualities.  Apply to small abrasions and boo boo's when needed.  

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Shower Steamers

Transform your shower into a therapeutic herbal steam.  Place the block on the shower floor or ledge.  If on the ledge make sure water hits it now and again to release the aromatic molecules in to the air.  Now let your shoulders drop and enjoy the therapeutic experience.

Eucalyptus & Menthol

Have a favorite scent? Custom orders are available!  Streamers can be made without menthol as well.  Send us a message to get started.  Minimum order required.

Bath Fizzies

Our bath fizzies are all natural with zero chemicals.  This means no hot pink glittery tub water as that is just natural no matter how you look at it.   Natural plant based colorants are used when needed.  We use the finest wildcrafted flowers, plant based butters, essential and herbal oils in our fizzies.  Check out our Etsy store for current aromatic combinations.

Bergamot & Blue Chamomile

Custom orders available.  Minimum order required. 


Tub Teas
Soak your day away with one of our decadent tub tea creations.  Our teas consist of dried flowers & herbs, salts and milk.  

We offer loose tub teas or teas enclosed in 100% unbleached cotton muslin bags with a drawstring to keep the tea contained.  We have a fine selection of herbs and flowers to meet your tub tea needs.  Browse through our collection today! 

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